December 30, 2006

Blears protest

Over christmas while I was indulging in the fruits of trade (literally) a little storm blew up about Hazel Blears and a few other cabinet members protesting against the policy of their own government to close hospitals in their constituencies, one of the few Labour constituencies affected. I guess I should lambast the hypocrisy of Ms Blears for supporting a policy for everybody else, but then squealing like a piggy when it affects her in the normal socialist way. But I'm not going to. In this case her protests are exactly the right thing to have done since she was elected not to serve the interests of the Labour party but to serve the interests of her constituents. It is actually good to finally see this coming through, to finally find a Labour minister that seems to have more than just contempt for the people that elected them. It is a promising sign both for democracy, that our elected representatives might actually start representing us again, and for that it shows that Labour MP's are worried about their seats and the perks that come with them so despite the Boy King's best efforts Labour could actually face a fight next time.


Blogger Bag said...

This is a good thing? To vote for cuts across the board and then be upset for the local area is a bit rich.

I agree she should stick up for the local area. The way to do that is to vote as she would if her area was the one to be impacted. Not vote for something then get upset when it works out in her area.

Now she isn't the only one and with a bit of luck the people in these areas will remember she voted for this when it comes voting time for us to have our say.

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